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The 6 Series diesel loader incorporates features that offer you an edge
in power, speed, durability, ease of use, economy and safety. Managing
a load of up to 260kg and a breakout force of up to 600kg.
Engine Model: Kubota D902 Diesel
Power: 18.5kW
Lift Capacity:  260kg
Fuel Capacity: 49L
Operating Weight: 895kg
Bucket Maximum Rollback:  40degrees
Maximum Operating Height: 2,500mm
Overall Height:  1,340mm
Overall Length:  2,200mm
Overall Wheel Width: 1,030mm
Ground Clearance: 185mm
Travel Speed:  8.2km / hr
Drive / Operating System:  6 Hand Levers
Gear Pump Displacement:  12.5cc / rev
Pump Output:  45.0L / min
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity:  72.0L
System Pressure:  220.6bars
Departure Angle:  40degrees
Hydraulic Wheel Motors:  4
Wheel Rim Size:  12inch
BUCKET A larger and stronger bucket designed for heavier applications. Enables front blading, back blading, plus all the advantages of a regular bucket. Open jaws to dump at full height. Use jaws for stump, post and tent peg pulling; lifting; placing rail road ties and rocks; moving broken tree limbs and broken concrete etc.For the 8 Series loader only.
Volume 0.11m3 / 3.9cu ft
Width 1100mm / 43in
Weight: 157kg / 346lbs
Standard Feature Tooth Edge

CHAIN TRENCHER Side shift feature allows trenching up against walls for irrigation, sewerage, storm water, plumbing and under ground cables. Trencher chain consists of 70% Tungsten faced Rock teeth and 30% Earth teeth. Variable width available, 100mm (4") to 200mm (8"). Various chain options available.
Dig Depth 900mm/36in
Cutting Width 150mm/6in
Operational Cutting Width 100mm/4in
Weight 172kg/380lbs

AUGER DRIVES Driver for augers 150 - 750mm. 6-30inches.
High torque power, excellent for post holes, tree planting and sign post foundations. Easily digs to 1600mm / 63" deep
Torque 2300Nm/1700ft lbs
Variable Speed 0-40rpm
Fwd - Reverse Fingertip Controls
Weight 69kg

AUGER BITS Tungsten tip pilot and cutting edges for tree planting and sign post foundations up to 1400mm (55) deep.
For deeper holes use the Auger Extension.
Ask about various teeth applications for different soil conditions.
Diameter 150mm to 750mm
Length 970mm to 1070mm
Weight 12kg to 58kg
Range 11 Available