Allwell Builders and Party Hire

109 Scanlan Road, Mitchelton
Brisbane QLD 4053
Phone: 3355 5411
Fax: 3355 2737

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Party Hire
Delivery and Collection Charges Apply
2 - 6m x 18m - with walls 6m x 9m - backyard
6m x 12m - with dance floor 6m x 15m - free standing with weights
6m x 15m - on tennis court 6m x 15m - weighted on tennis Court
6m x 15m - with silk and chandelier 6m x 18m - peg and pole with dance floor
6m x 30m - music festival 10m x 3m - with stage and grandstand
10m x 6m - baby shower 10m x 12m - park party
10m x 12m - with stage 10m x 12m
10m x 15m - fully walled with silk lining 10m x 15m with 6m x 9m wedding entrance
10m x 18m - with fluros 10m x 18m - with silk and rice lights
10m x 18m - with some walls 10m x 21m - Southbank
10m x 21m - with Americana chairs 10m x 21m - with chairs and weighted
10m x 24m - with barstools and dry bar 10m x 24m - with tables and linen
10m x 27m - walled 6m x 3m - backyard
10m x 21m - Cedar Creek 10m x 21m - Cedar Creek
10m x 21m - inside view